Therapy with AquaCut Quatro

Aquacut represents the latest generation of medical equipment which prepares the tooth and removes dental stains.


It is a friendly unit that includes a superior technique for treating cavities.


This technology is not using a drill, but abrasive powder, direct contact and milling noise being removed. Aquacut cuts with a fine spray of powder surrounded by a curtain of water. Does not have direct contact with the tooth and therefore does not transfer any sensation. No noise, odor or vibration.


Aquacut prepares the area in a conservative manner, removing a minimal amount of dental substance and leaves in perfect condition to apply modern adhesive restorative materials.


Aquacut Quattro is a tool designed to be more conservative than conventional drilling for repairing and preparing teeth. Unlike abrasive fluid, drills remove more than necessary of tooth structure and can cause fractures in the enamel.


What can Aquacut Quattro do:
– Cut: enamel, dentin, cleans and seals cracks, removes plaque and tartar deposits, prepares cavities, removes caries, tobacco and coffee stains.

It is much less traumatic for both tooth and patient alike, being recommended for children’s dentistry and those who fear the dentist.

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