PROSTHETICS – we manufacture both mobile prostheses, movable with certain special systems according to casuistry, and aesthetic prosthetic treatments in the frontal area.


Prosthetic is a dentistry specialization whose mission is to ensure getting balanced teeth functionally and aesthetically.


Dental prosthetics deals with restoring functionality through extensive maxillary fixed (crowns, bridges) or mobile (partial dentures, total). The ultimate goal is to restore balance or to offer patients functional, aesthetic and psychological.


A minimally invasive option is restoring or improving the form of frontal teeth using ceramic facets. They cover only the external face of the tooth and are secured by the latest generation cements with identical color of the tooth for maximum aesthetics. When a tooth has a carious destruction too big, then it will be covered with a crown that can further withstand chewing pressure.

Ceramic crowns with zirconium support represent the most modern technology available today, the lack of metallic interior insuring a identical aspect to that of natural teeth.


Prosthetics can be:

  • Prosthetics – crown or bridges;
  • Fixed or removable prostheses;
  • Dental inlays.



Dental crown

It is recommended if the tooth has suffered a significant loss of structure. Keeps the natural appearance of the tooth, and if respected the principles of hygiene and dental prophylaxis may have a lifespan of over 10 years.



Dental bridges

Replace one or more missing teeth. Basically, a dental bridge is supported using dental crowns on polished teeth or neighboring implants, being centrally formed of one or two teeth made ​​of a material that respect the principles of bio-aesthetics.

Bridges and dental crowns can be:

  • Fully ceramic or zirconium;
  • Metally- ceramic.



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