Dental prophylaxis is the simplest and cheapest method of treatment. Prophylaxis prevents dental and periodontal disease, thus, preventing complications. Therefore, dental prophylaxis has two roles:

  • prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease
  • evolution of dental caries prevention, of periodontal disease and complications.

Prophylaxis represents dental disease prevention, and prevention of complications in conditions already existing.
Early detection is the key to avoiding complicated and expensive treatments. The main dental diseases, caries and periodontal disease are poor in symptoms in the early stages. The patient cannot see himself in good time if there is an illness or the severity of his condition. Therefore regular visits to the dentist are very important, in order to observe and treat various dental conditions and prevent the appearance of others.
In our clinic we offer the following preventive dental services:

  • Guidance on oral hygiene (brushing techniques, flossing, inter-dental brushes use)
  •  Detection of bacterial plaque using plaque revelators
  • Local fluoridation using trays
  • Sealing grooves and fissures on the chewing surfaces
  • Ultrasound sanitization, prophy jet, professional brushing

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