teeth with braces

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with solving the problems of malocclusion (closing the mouth) and malposition of the teeth (misaligned teeth). Orthodontic treatment aims at improving the image of the face, the health of teeth and gums and good functioning of the masticator apparatus.


Dental alignment is performed using mobile or fixed orthodontic appliances that can be visible or less visible. Aligned teeth is not only an aesthetic factor but also include the sphere of dental health. Crowded teeth, misaligned or badly positioned are harder to clean. As a consequence, they are liable to various dental and gum diseases.


Orthodontic treatment makes your smile look fabulous and it will last a lifetime. Also orthodontic treatment will make the whole face look more beautiful, by correcting the reports of the two jaws and by changing their shape. If you want to correct your teeth, then you must follow orthodontic treatment. Such treatments involve applying gentle pressure on the growing teeth or already grown, by setting braces.


The best age to go to the orthodontist is 8-9 years old. At this age, the jaws are growing faster and are more elastic, therefore, straightening their position and the teeth is made ​​easier. But you can benefit from orthodontic treatment at any age. Remember, at adulthood treatment lasts longer, because the jaws do not have the elasticity of childhood.



There are two types of braces: fixed and mobile.


Mobile devices are used mostly for children, from the age of 8. They have the disadvantage that the success of treatment depends on the child’s will to wear the devices.


Starting with 12 years fixed appliances are used.


It is very important to correct the position of teeth not only for aesthetic reasons, but also functional. Crowded teeth cannot be sanitized properly and in time they lead to caries or periodontal problems. Incorrect reports between the two arcades causes disorders, which are manifested by muscle fatigue and pain in chewing. All these problems can be prevented through orthodontic treatment.

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