Dental implant surgery is a surgical specialty that aims to replace missing teeth or severely damaged, safely. The dental implant is an artificial replacement made ​​of titanium (a metal very well tolerated by bone) to the tooth root. This screw is anchored inside the jawbone / mandibular and is designed to support one or more artificial teeth.


There are many types of dental implants, each of which is designed according to the needs of patients. After a complete evaluation, your implant will encourage all types of dental implants in each case, taking into account the purpose of the procedure and the condition of periodontal tissue of each patient.


Dental implants are an effective option for tooth replacement. Thanks to implantology, patients can obtain functional restorations of the teeth that last.


Our clinic uses the most modern and reliable implant systems. The procedure is simple and painless and very fast recovery. Ceramic crowns can be placed shortly after implant surgery, or there may be a short waiting period, so it can heal the jaw bone.


By inserting dental implants integrity of the facial structure (dental arches) is preserved reducing inconveniences caused by the loss of one or more teeth.


Dental implants is currently the only way to replace missing teeth by fixed prosthetics (different from mobile prosthetics, which must be removed from the mouth for hygiene), resulting in a dentition very close to natural teeth.


Today, most surgical procedures for inserting implants allow patients to return home the same day. After this operation a waiting period of a few months is needed for bone cells to create new bone tissue around the implant, a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is usually easily accepted by the body. In this way, the implant can serve as support for a crown, fixed bridge or movable prosthetics. The healing period after implant insertion surgery 4-6 months, during which, depending on the clinical situation, the patient will benefit from a provisional prosthetic piece to ensure functionality and aesthetics to when the final work will be achieved. Implants are recommended for patients of all ages who lack teeth. Anyone who is healthy enough for a small surgery in the oral cavity can apply for an implant treatment. It is good to note that after the surgery performed in the dental clinic patients must comply with a very good local hygiene because without it gingival inflammation can appear that can lead to loss of the implant. It is therefore vital necessity of periodic checks every three months to the dentist.

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