Facets with and without preparation

It is usually done in patients with high aesthetic reasons! Facets without preparation, or non-prep is done without tooth polish, their resistance being achieved only by adhesive technique.


Dental faceting represents a restorative dental procedure that fits in dental esthetics category because it can improve the shape, position, appearance and color of the teeth.


Faceting can be performed on a single tooth or more, even the entire portion of the arches visible while smiling – usually up to 5 anterior teeth per arch. Ceramic facets can solve problems such as:

  • spacing and diastemas (midline)
  • fractures of angles in enamel  and fissures of teeth
  • discoloration due  to endodontic treatments, medicine or fluorosis
  • enamel erosion
  • crooked teeth, unequal and misaligned
  • large fillings on the anterior teeth
  • enamel hypoplasia
  • imperfect amelogenesis
  • teeth too short
  • teeth with a slight rotation
  • conoid teeth
  • occlusal and postural rebalancing




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