Dentoalveolar Surgery

Wisdom teeth

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Although appearing last in the mouth, adulthood, wisdom teeth are not so different from other teeth. Moreover, they can become as useful as others, if they grow properly and will be supported by healthy gums. Otherwise, they can even change the appearance.


However, there are situations in which the tooth remains incarcerated in the gums, tissues around it can become inflamed and infected, from here to there is only one step. Your dentist will determine treatment and he recommends extraction, if repeated inflammation.


Wisdom teeth are associated with many dental problems because there are often crooked or badly positioned. Often hangs behind the second molar, the problem known as “inclusion”. Many people experience pain and swelling around those molars at an early age, caries or gum disease.


Therefore the best solution for the wisdom teeth is to be extracted. The surgery is best to be done in a clinic or practice of oral surgery specifically designed for these procedures. Radius Dent Clinic has all the tools and equipment necessary for safe and effective results.

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