Dental Whitening


If you are unhappy with your smile (in terms of coloristic) or you want a bright smile at an event where you are or want to be the center of attention, there are many processes and methods of teeth whitening in aesthetic purposes.


Whitening is a safe and effective procedure, used to remove stains on the teeth, but also to brighten the natural color of teeth when the patient wants it.


Whitening is of two types: whitening teeth whose color has been changed after the devitalization (nerve removal) or trauma and whitening for cosmetic purposes.



Teeth whitening procedure in Radius Dent Clinic is done in several ways:

  • whitening performed using Zoom 2 White lamp, procedure done without inducing dental sensitivity and it takes only 40 minutes
  • laser-whitening, the procedure takes about 30-40 minutes and the sensitivity is greatly diminished
  • whitening done by the patient at home, using Opalescence system with a 15% concentration of oxygen peroxide, disadvantage of using this method is the long period of treatment (about 2 weeks).




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