Dental Radiology


Radiological investigations are an important aid to the dentist. A correct and complete diagnosis can be made ​​only after viewing the Xrays.


On the Xrays caries can be observed, how old they are or their severity, and fairness of some treatments also. According to information obtained during clinical examination and Xrays the diagnosis is established and the treatment is chosen.


Radius Dent Clinic uses for the full range of radiological investigations the CT Orthopantomograph OP 300, produced by Instrumentarium Dental, worldwide manufacturers and developers of the maxillofacial and dental imaging systems.


Orthopantomograph OP 300 is considered one of the best devices of his generation, distinguished by unrivaled features:

  • Radiological investigations with exceptional quality and a very good image contrast for both hard tissue and for the soft
  • Minimum level radiation
  • Fully digital system
  • Quick processing of radiological information, thanks to the system

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