Caries Treatment

Dental caries is a disease that is manifested visually in a “hole” in a tooth caused by plaque.
Plaque is a soft deposit, yellowish, made ​​up of food debris and bacteria. It converts sugars from food into acid, thus destroying the enamel, and then moving past the enamel, it affects the dentin.



Caries detection and diagnosis is made at ​​routine checks every six months, at an early stage by direct inspection or by using dental Xrays. In the advanced stage, the patient experiences sensitivity to heat and cold, pain, odor, bleeding gums, food retention, mastication and esthetics being affected more or less. Early diagnosis is important for a good treatment.


  • Treatment of caries follows:
  • Remove of all affected dental tissues,
  • Protection of healthy tissues by using materials that insulate the tooth from temperature variations,
  • Reconstruction of the tooth (filling) using materials that provide equally endurance, functionality and aesthetics.


The whole treatment is performed under local anesthesia that removes any discomfort.

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