Dental tourism

We offer dental tourism and complete dental services for both citizens outside the country and those in the country. Accommodation to Boutique Hotel in Constanta, on the seashore.



Dental Whitening

Whitening is a safe and effective procedure, used to remove stains on the teeth, but also to brighten the natural color of teeth when the patient wants it.



Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth or severely damaged, safely. It uses an artificial replacement made of titanium.



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Online appointments
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Caries treatment

Caries detection and diagnosis is made at routine checks every six months, at an early stage by direct inspection or by using dental Xrays. More >


Dental Radiology

On the Xrays caries can be observed, how old they are or their severity, and fairness of some treatments also. According to information obtained… More >


Teeth alignment with Invisalign

This orthodontic treatment is done using invisible aligners. It is a safe treatment, brief and “invisible” because the aligners cannot be seen in the mouth! More >



Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with solving the problems of malocclusion (closing the mouth) and malposition of the teeth (misaligned teeth). More >

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